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Our taxi company was founded in 1928 by Conrad Keiser Senior. At that time the company was based in the Zugerbergstrasse where the Keiser family also lived. The staff at that time consisted of three drivers only – including the boss.

Business was pretty good, but 1939 saw a massive setback due to the outbreak of the second world war. People did not have any money for taxis and petrol was rationed.

After the end of the war the economy slowly recovered and therefore, also the taxi orders increased. Around 1950 the company´s offices were moved to the Grabenstrasse. In these days the taxi orders were transmitted to the taxi drivers via a phone at the train station in Zug.

On 1 February 1964 Zeno Sattler was employed as managing director. In 1965 a very effective taxi radio system was introduced which increased the efficiency considerably. In 1973 Conrad Keiser Senior died and Conrad Keiser Junior took over as chairman.

In 1987 Zeno Sattler could arrange for the company City Taxi to be acquired. 1989 offices were relocated to the Chamerstrasse 84 where the company is still based today. In 1991 Zeno Sattler´s son Sven Sattler joined the company. 10 years later, in 2001, he took over from Zeno Sattler as managing director.

In 2004 Sven Sattler could arrange for the company Bahnhof-Funk-Taxi Prestel AG, the biggest competitor so far, to be taken over and integrated into the existing taxi dispatch centre. As a result, the number of taxis increased to 23. In 2009 the GPS-supported taxi dispatch centre was introduced, whereby the efficiency could again be increased significantly.